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Uotamuosu (ウオタムオス)
Title screen
Latest Version

0.01 (零点零壱)







Release Date

June 19, 2013


UotamuSprites Shiwasu (師走), Bill, Takatsuki (たかつき)

Nexus Doors

Shiwasu - 4
Bill - 4
Takatsuki - 4


Shiwasu - 11
Bill - 11
Takatsuki - 10


Shiwasu - 2
Bill - 2
Takatsuki - 3


Uotamuosu is a Yume Nikki Fangame made by Mpiku (Pixiv) in Wolf RPG Editor. It stars three protagonists: BillTakatsuki (たかつき) and Shiwasu (師走). Each one of them has his own locations and stories.

Uotamuosu has been remade on October 2013, making the latest release ver.0.00; and the bug fix version (ver.0.00 plus 1 (零点零零 足壱)) was released few days later. The latest version of the old edition (ver.0.01 (零点零壱)) had been released 3 months before this remake.


At the beginning you ought to choose which protagonist you will play as.

Similar to the way it is done in Hallucigenia (ハルキゲニア), when an effect is collected, its name has its own CG event - it's title is shown on the whole screen instead of in a dialogue window.


Uotamuosu has many colorful side characters in each one of its parts. In the new version, three protagonists have their own "wounds" effects which are obtained by viewing forced wake-up events. Furthermore, some events could have relations between the party. It is strongly recommended to play Shiwasu's scenario before Bill's.



No matter which effect is used, Shiwasu keeps on wearing his school uniform.

Name Image Description
Crocodile (鰐) ShiwEff07 Shiwasu's body becomes a crocodile which can kill NPCs by biting them.
Dolphin (海豚) ShiwEff04 Shiwasu rides on a dolphin and his speed is increased.
House Mouse (廿日鼠) ShiwEff03 Shiwasu holds a house mouse. Press the 1 key to return him to the Nexus.
Akita Inu (秋田犬) ShiwEff05 Shiwasu's body becomes an Akita dog.
Weasel (鼬) ShiwEff08 Shiwasu's body becomes a weasel's.
Calico Cat / Tortoiseshell Cat (雄三毛) ShiwEff09 Shiwasu's body becomes that of a male calico cat, which are said to be very rare.
Polar Bear (北極熊) ShiwEff01 Shiwasu's body becomes that of a polar bear.
Wild Rabbit / Japanese Hare (野兎) ShiwEff06 Shiwasu's body becomes that of a Japanese hare.
Wounds (傷) ShiwNeff02 Shiwasu is covered in bloodstains.
Crow (烏) Shiwasu-Crow Shiwasu's body becomes that of a crow.
Japanese Wolf (日本狼) Shiwasu-JWolfHoodieShiwasu-JWolf Shiwasu wears a hoodie. Pressing the 1 key transforms his body into that of a Japanese wolf.


Name Image Description
Tire / Tyre (タイヤ) BillEff03 Bill's legs change into tyres that increase his speed.
Wooden Mallet (木槌) BillEff07 Bill holds a wooden mallet which can be used to kill NPCs.
Rust (錆) BillEff09 Bill's body becomes rusty and he walks very slow.
Siberian Husky (シベリアンハスキー) BillEff02 A Siberian husky is inside of Bill's core, its ears and tail expose from frame.
Handgun (ハンドガン) BillEff04 Bill holds a handgun. Press the 1 key to make him shoot himself and return to the Nexus.
LSD / Lysergic Acid Diethylamide BillEff01 Bill's sprite turns psychedelic and messy.
Skinned Face / Peeled Off Face (顔剥ぎ) BillEff10 Bill's face cover is removed.
Prosthetic Arm and Leg (義手と義足) BillEff08 Bill's right arm and left leg are substitute parts.
Wounds (傷) BillNeff02 Bill is covered with bloodstains.
Humanoid (ヒューマノイド) Bill-Humanoid Bill becomes a human.
Battle Mode (戦闘形態) Bill-BattleMode Bill's body switches to battle mode. Press the 1 key to fire off a huge laser.
Injury (怪我) BillEff06 A pseudo-effect which is activated in a certain event. Bill's body is broken and he moves slower.


Name Image Description
Paperweight (文鎮/ぶんちん) TakaEff05 Takatsuki holds a paperweight which can be used for killing NPCs.
Roller Skates (ローラースケート) TakaEff03 Takatsuki wears a pair of roller skates which increase his speed.
Adolescent (青年/せいねん) TakaEff08 The figure of Takatsuki becomes mature.
Eyeball Window (目玉窓/めだままど) TakaEff07 Takatsuki's head turns into a window frame.
Balloon (風船/ふうせん) TakaEff09 Takatsuki holds a balloon.
Hair Rubber Band (ヘアゴム) TakaEff02 Takatsuki ties his hair back in a ponytail with a yellowrubber band.
Jinbei / Summer Casual Wear (甚平/じんべい) TakaEff06 Takatsuki wears a jinbei.
Wounds (傷) TakaNeff02 Takatsuki is covered with bloodstains.
Hero (勇者/ゆうしゃ) TakaEff04 Takatsuki equips a warrior outfit.
Superhero (スーパーヒーロー) Takatsuki-Superhero Takatsuki wears a superhero outfit.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.01 (零点零壱) December 21, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.00 (零点零零) October 6, 2013 Pixiv Japanese
Completeness 0.01 (完成度 零点零壱) July 13, 2013 Pixiv Japanese (Part 1)
Japanese (Part 2)
Completeness 0.00 (完成度 零点零零) June 19, 2013 Pixiv Deleted

Gameplay VideoEdit

ウオタムオス Yume Nikki Fangame

ウオタムオス Yume Nikki Fangame