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Shiwasu's Effects Edit

Dolphin Edit

Go to the Neon Tree World and wander around until you find the Dolphin lying on the ground.

Crocodile Edit

Head to the Underwater World and move southwest. The Crocodile will be lying on the ground.

Polar Bear Edit

In the Underwater World, there are two green plants side-by-side. Move between them in order to be transported to another path. Go to the end of the path and interact with the Polar Bear.

Akita Inu Edit

In the Underwater World there is a group of stones. Swim in between them and then continue to swim straight until you reach two rocks. Once you are in between these rocks, you will be transported to the Snow World. There are several igloos here, and one of them has the Akita Inu Effect.

House Mouse Edit

Go to the Sky World and wander around until you find the House Mouse running around in circles.

Calico Cat Edit

Enter the Windy Forest World and pass through the Flower Gate, which will take you to a new path. Interact with the tree at the end of the path, which will then take you to the inside of a tree house. At the top of the tree, interact with the sleeping cat to receive the effect.

Weasel Edit

On top of the tree where you received the Calico Cat Effect is a large branch. Move towards it and be transported to the Pink Maze. Wander around until you find the Weasel.

Wild Rabbit Edit

In the Neon Tree World is a tree that is much larger than the others. Interact with it and be taken to a path which will lead you to another section of the Neon Tree World. Head north and find a black area. Interact with the area and be taken to a Park. The Wild Rabbit Effect is there.

Wounds Edit

After you get the Wild Rabbit Effect, head in the opposite direction. You should find a single white footprint. Interact with it to trigger an event. Once you have woken up, you will have the Wounds Effect.

Bill's Effects Edit

Rust Edit

Go through the Dark Blue door and move southwest until you find a green dot. Move on it and be transported to a blue path. At the end of the blue path, you will be taken to the Pink Block World. Move down and find the Effect.

Tires Edit

After entering the Dark Blue world and/or retrieving the Rust effect, head north east from the entrance until you find the Effect lying in front of a purple creature.

LSD Edit

Enter the Neon World. The Effect can be obtained from interacting with a bright, M-shaped NPC.

Prosthetic Edit

Enter a building inside the Neon World and wander through the rooms until you find a building within one room. Entering it will take you to a tunnel. At the end of it, you will find a hand. Interact with it and get the Effect.

Hand Gun Edit

Enter the Bright Green World and head south until you find a puddle of blood with a gun shape in the center. Interacting with it will give you the Effect.

Skinned Face Edit

Enter the Dark Door and wander through the maze until you find a blood stain on the wall, which will give the Effect.

Wooden Mallet Edit

In the Dark Maze World, there should be an open doorway which will lead to a Blood Cell World. Wander around this world until you find the Mallet lying on the ground.

Wounds/Injury Edit

After picking up the Mallet, enter the mouth of a Red NPC, which will take you to another Red Maze. Step on a Green Tile in the maze and be taken to a Street. Follow the streets in this order: left, up, up, left, up, left. If done correctly, you'll find a dirt path which will take you to an underground room. This is the setting for the "Backland" event. During the event, Bill will have the Injury Effect. When he wakes up, he will have Wounds.

Siberian Husky Edit

Follow the same directions for the Rust Effect, but instead of moving south, move north and enter a pink building. You'll find yourself in the middle of a Flower Field. Interacting with a green-eyed NPC will give you the Effect.

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