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Latest Version

0.01b (2015/11/29)


Garakuta (がらくた)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

June 17, 2015


Yakisprite Yakitsuki (やきつき)

Nexus Doors







withers is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame created by Garakuta (がらくた) (Twitter) in RPG Maker 2000.


You play as a girl named Yakitsuki (やきつき), who stays in her room and doesn't want to go out. She can travel to her dream world by sleeping in her bed. Her goal is to find all the effects in the dream world, with the board in her real room gaining new photos with every new effect.


Name Image Description
Wheelchair (くるまいす) WtEff01 Yakitsuki sits in a wheelchair, doubling her speed.
Drip Stand (てんてきだい) WtEff02 Yakitsuki walks with a drip stand. Pressing Shift makes her hold the drip stand as her weapon.
Camera (カメラ) WtEff03 Yakitsuki carries a camera. Pressing Shift has her take a photo and show secrets in the area.
Costume (きぐるみ) WtEff04 Yakitsuki turns into a costume of herself. Press Shift makes her open the zipper and returns her to the Nexus.
Harmonica (ハーモニカ) WtEff05 Yakitsuki carries a harmonica. Pressing Shift has her play the harmonica.
Guinea Pig (モルモット) WtEff06aWtEff06b Yakitsuki becomes a mutated monster. Press Shift turns her into a Guinea Pig.
Muffler (マフラー) WtEff07 Yakitsuki wears a muffler. Its color will change randomly when equipped. Pressing Shift makes the muffler billow.
Mushroom (きのこ) WtEff08 Yakitsuki has mushrooms on her head. Pressing Shift makes the mushroom glow, lighting up dark places.
Flower Vase (かびん) WtEff09aWtEff09b Yakitsuki turns into a walking vase. Press Shift pops up a random color flower with an eye.
Scarecrow (かかし) WtEff10 Yakitsuki becomes a scarecrow.
Hat and Coat (ぼうしとコート) WtEff11 Yakitsuki wears a brown hat with goggles and a winter coat. Press Shift makes her put on her goggles and start the snow.
Range (レンジ) WtEff12 Yakitsuki's head turns into a range cooker. Press Shift makes her open the range cooker.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.01b November 29, 2015 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.01 November 28, 2015 ~ Deleted
Bugfix Patch to ver.0.01b
Ver.0.00 June 17, 2015 Pixiv Deleted

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