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Yume, Shosen Mousou (夢、所詮妄想)
Yume, Shosen Mousou Remake's Title Screen
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Remake? (2015/12/28)


Henachoko (へなちょこ)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

July 13, 2010


KamitsukiSprite Kamitsuki (かみつき)

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Dreams, delusions after all  (夢、所詮妄想) (Yume, shosen mousou) is an obscure fangame from the original Yume Nikki made by Henatyoko/Henachoko (へなちょこ). It stars Kamitsuki (かみつき), who not only refuses to leave their room, but blocks the door. The main recurring theme in the game seems to be adolescence and its many related complexes.

The game has a single ending, which is unlocked after you find all of the 22 effects hidden within the world.


Unlike most fangames, Kamitsuki visits their "dream world" by reading their journal, and only uses their bed for saving. Besides that, it plays like most fangames, the main objective being to collect all 22 effects.

This game has no background music, although sound effects are fully present.


As opposed to other games, Kamitsuki doesn't just refuse to leave their room but also doesn't want anybody else to enter, since their door is blocked by a bookcase. They seems to have an obsession with video games, specifically RPGs since their computer screen has a sword on it, which you can immediately find on their room as an effect once you enter the dream world before enter the Nexus.

Items (Effects)Edit

Name Image Description
Sword (つるぎ) DelusionsEff1 This game's weapon effect. Kamitsuki carries a golden handled sword. Pressing SHIFT causes them to swing it.
Cardboard Box (ダンボール) DelusionsEff2 Kamitsuki stays inside a closed cardboard box with only their legs/feet showing. Pressing SHIFT makes them pop out of the box, and you can then walk around with half of Kamitsuki out of the box.
Game Console (ゲームき) DelusionsEff3 Kamitsuki holds a game console. Pressing SHIFT makes them play it for a very short time, making two music notes pop out of it.
Curry (カレー) DelusionsEff4 Kamitsuki's head becomes a plate of curry and rice.
"X" Mark/Band-aid (ばってん) DelusionsEff5 Kamitsuki has a white "X" mark, most likely, made of band-aids on their head and there appear to be tears in their eyes. Pressing SHIFT causes them to sit down and cry for a while.
Wings (はね) DelusionsEff6 Kamitsuki grows a pair of purple wings that increase their speed.
Black Page (くろいページ) DelusionsEff7 Kamitsuki turns into the NPC from which they received this effect. Kamitsuki wears a different outfit and has a red stain on their face. This effect makes NPC's run away from you. Pressing SHIFT makes them roar like a lion and open their eyes, which appear to be red.
White Page (しろいページ) DelusionsEff8 Kamitsuki becomes a large white angel-like creature with wings. They have very long white hair and pointed elf ears. Pressing SHIFT transforms them into a dark version of the angel.
Yellow Page (きいろいページ) DelusionsEff9 Kamitsuki turns into the NPC from which they received this effect. Kamitsuki has big yellow triangles on the sides of their head, blonde hair and a yellow shirt with two black stripes. Pressing SHIFT makes them turn to their left and create an electric flash in the air.
Blue Rubber Band (あおいゴム) DelusionsEff10 Kamitsuki wears a blue rubber band in a small side pigtail.
Sign (ひょうしき) DelusionsEff11 Kamitsuki holds a Japanese red stop sign (止 means "stop"). It makes chasers run away from you and make some NPCs freeze.
Brown Page (ちゃいろいページ) DelusionsEff12 Kamitsuki turns into the NPC from which they received this effect. Kamitsuki appears to be a child younger than themself with sleek auburn hair, red cheeks and a whitish plain shirt. Pressing SHIFT makes Kamitsuki look like what appears to be an aged version of the previous form. In this form, their hair is spiky and a black diagonal line crosses the front of their shirt.
Bear (くま) DelusionsEff13 Kamitsuki has bear ears and paws, and some blood on their neck. These traits make them look similar to the teddy bear NPC from the room where you find this effect. Pressing SHIFT makes them slash the air with their sharp claws, leaving several scratch marks in front of them for a split second.
Magician (マジシャン) DelusionsEff14 Kamitsuki wears a blue jacket and a matching top hat. Pressing SHIFT makes them do a reverse "magic trick" with a rabbit.
Dracula (ドラキュラ) DelusionsEff15 Kamitsuki looks like vampire - white skin, sharp teeth, black clothes and a high red collar. Pressing SHIFT causes a skull and a triangle to appear, then turn Kamitsuki into a small violet bat with red eyes.
Poseidon (ポセイドン) DelusionsEff16 Kamitsuki becomes Poseidon (God of the sea from the Greek mythology); they have a blue fish tail, a crown with a blue gem and a trident. Pressing SHIFT makes them raise their trident, then a whirlpool appears and you are taken back to the Nexus.
Chocolate (チョコ) DelusionsEff18 Kamitsuki appears to be made of chocolate. Despite that, their trademark symbol on their shirt stays. Pressing SHIFT causes them to melt, then regain their original form.
Hockey Mask (ホッケーマスク) DelusionsEff19 Kamitsuki wears Jason Voorheeses hockey mask from Friday the 13th film franchise. Pressing SHIFT causes them to remove the mask shortly then wear again.
Makeup (メイクどうぐ) DelusionsEff21 Kamitsuki wears makeup - blue eye shadow and pink blush.
Machine (マシン) DelusionsEff20 Kamitsuki becomes a robot-like version of themself - they are made of metal, have different-colored eyes and two bolts for ears. Kamitsuki makes beeping sounds and the bolts on their head turn when they walk.
Sensitive to Cold (さむがり) DelusionsEff22 Kamitsuki wears a blue scarf which covers their nose and mouth.
Demon King (まおう) DelusionsEff23 Kamitsuki has yellow horns, red cape, purple and green clothes, red eyes and a blue marking on the left side of their face. Pressing SHIFT causes Kamitsuki to deploy an orange round aura around themself for a very short time.

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Version Date Announcement Download
Remake? Ver December 28, 2015 Japanese


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver.0.20+ English Translated by HimeNikki.
Ver.0.20 Page Chinese Translated by 飛揚寒星 (fcoldstar), approved by Henachoko.

Gameplay VideoEdit

Yume Nikki fangames- 夢、所詮妄想

Yume Nikki fangames- 夢、所詮妄想