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Effects GuideEdit

This is a list of the effects (aka Items) and where to find them.


Found in Kamitsuki's dream room.


Nexus → Black Door → School

Game ConsoleEdit

Nexus → Rainbow-colored Door → Game Consoles World


Nexus → Brown Door → south

X Band-AidEdit

Nexus → Tears Door → south-east


Nexus → Cages World → south → Blue Bird World → south

Black PageEdit

Nexus → Black Door → School → Hell

White PageEdit

Nexus → Tears Door → north-west → "Unneeded" World → north → from the left いらない, go north-west until you find the "苦" → Experimental Facility

Yellow PageEdit

Nexus → Brown Door → Gears World → north-east → Laboratory → Yellow Room

Blue Rubber BandEdit

Nexus → Eyeball Door → Eyes World


Nexus → Eyeball Door → Raw Land

Brown PageEdit

Nexus → Rainbow-colored Door → south-east → Building Block World → south-west


Nexus → Cages World → Forest


Nexus → Eyeball Door → Eyes World → Pink World


Nexus → Black Door → School → Hell → Victimization → Demon King Room → Castle


Nexus → Black Door → School → Sea World → south-west


Nexus → Brown Door → north-west → Gears World → south-east → Sweets World → south-west

Hockey MaskEdit

Nexus → Cages World → Desert


Nexus → Eyeball Door


Nexus → Brown Door → Gears World → north-west

Sensitive to ColdEdit

Nexus → Tears Door → "Unneeded" World → Experimental Facility → Snow World → Igloo

Demon KingEdit

Nexus → Black Door → School → Hell → Victimization → Demon King Room

Ending GuideEdit

In order to get the ending you must collect all effects, after that you will have to interact with the blue bird that takes you to the wings effect. Then you will view an event with a little boy, interact with him and you'll wake up. Go back to the hospital ward where Kamitsuki's mother is, interact with her and you'll be forced to wake up again. Go through the door that leads to the hospital. You will enter a different room with a person who looks like a white-haired Kamitsuki, you need to kill him. This will trigger the ending.

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