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Yume Aruki
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Title screen of Yume Aruki 0.00
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RPG Maker 2000

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November 15, 2013


TwillSprite Twill (ツイル)

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Yume Aruki (ゆめあるき) lit. "Dream Walk" or "Dream Walking" is a Yume Nikki-inspired game made by Uwonozoki (うをのぞき) in RPG Maker 2000. This game is about an avid reader named Twill who refuses to leave her room for some reason.

The game draws heavily on animal, tropical, and desert imagery, and features thirteen collectable effects, not including instructions.


Though Yume Aruki does not yet have an ending, the play style and mechanics are largely similar to that of Yume Nikki, including the ability to drop effects in the Nexus. Like Yume Nikki, there's a combination of wide open, repeating worlds and non-looping corridors the player must navigate to find hidden effects. As of version 0.00, a few areas are coned off for future completion, as in Yume 2kki, and there are at least 4 effects which can't yet be obtained.

Notably absent from Aruki are aggressive NPCs, extensive events, and the horror overtones from the original Nikki and many fangames. However, the world remains expansive in a manner reminiscent of Yume Nisshi.

Twill can buy soft drinks from a number of vending machines around the dream world and change her menu via the bookshelf in her room.

Belongings (Effects)Edit

Many of Twill's effects are clothing-based wearables, as opposed to surrealist body alterations. Twill's effects are:

Name Image Description
Outdoor Clothes (おでかけふく) ArukiEff01 Twill wears a red outfit with a matching hat. This effect serves her as an alternative attire, which means she can use it with some of the other effects instead of her normal green clothes.
Scooter (スクーター) ArukiEff05 Twill drives a scooter, and her speed doubles. Can be combined with Outdoor Clothes.
Sign (かんばん) ArukiEff09 Twill's head becomes a traffic sign. Pressing Shift will make the sign cross itself with a single red line, turning into a no symbol sign. It works like Yume Nikki's Stoplight effect; it stops most NPC's or makes them change their form. This effect can be used outside of Twill's dreams, when she is awake.
Hummingbird (はちどり) ArukiEff10 Twill becomes a small hummingbird. Pressing Shift will cause her to chirp.
Hammer (かなづち) ArukiEff06 The game's weapon effect. Twill holds an iron hammer, it makes NPC's run away from her, and she can use it to kill them. Can be combined with Outdoor Clothes.
Alien (うちゅうじん) ArukiEff13 Twill has light blue hair and eyes, a violet dress and antennae on her head. Pressing Shift makes her raise her head and run electricity between her antennae.
Camouflage (めいさい) ArukiEff11 Twill wears brown and green camouflage as a modification to her regular outfit and a headband with branches. Pressing Shift makes her invisible and transparent, though as there are no chasers in the game its purpose remains purely cosmetic.
Lamp (ランプ) ArukiEff12 Twill's head turns into a blue lamp which lights the Dark World accesible from the Nexus. Pressing Shift toggles the lamp's fire.
Magician (マジシャン) ArukiEff19 Twill wears a magician's outfit. Pressing Shift makes her disappear and brings her back to the nexus.
Cat (ねこ) ArukiEff08 Twill obtains multi-colored cat ears, tail and paws. Pressing Shift makes her lick her paw and activates rain. Can be combined with Outdoor Clothes.
Snowsuit (ぼうかんぎ) ArukiEff02 Twill wears a hooded coat. Pressing Shift makes her put the hood on, and it starts snowing.
Cloth (ぬの) ArukiEff17 Twill wears a cloth on her waist. Pressing Shift makes her dress up the cloth.
Jelly (ゼリー) ArukiEff04 Twill appears to be made of green jelly. Pressing Shift will make her wiggle.
Sack (ふくろ) ArukiEff03 Twill puts a bag over her feet and moves by jumping in it. It halves her speed to as a side effect. Pressing Shift will make Twill lift the front edge of the sack and cover a part of her face for a split second.
Tan (ひやけ) ArukiEff07 Twill has darker skin, yellow clothes and a flower in her hair, as the effect is found in a beach area.

Since this game is only at its 0.00 version, it has a number of unreachable effects that might be implemented in the game in the future, including Sailor Uniform, Witch, Sphinx, and Bagpipe.

Download / External LinksEdit


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.00 November 15, 2013 Pixiv Japanese


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver.0.00 English Translated by HimeNikki.

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