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Yume Doodle
Yume Doodle Title ver01
Yume Doodle Version 0.1 Title Screen
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RPG Maker 2003

Release Date

October 30, 2016


Twinky Twink ver01 Twinky / Twink

Nexus Doors

Twinky - 2
Twink -1


Twinky - 3
Twink -1



Overview Edit

Yume Doodle is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Twinky-05 (DeviantArt). The game starts with Twinky, but you can always switch to Twink. Their worlds are different, and they can't go into each other's dreams.

Gameplay Edit

Yume Doodle is a traditional Yume Nikki exploration fangame. The player starts as Twinky but can switch to Twink using the bookshelf.

Twinky draws on a canvas to get to her dream world and saves with a Game Boy Advance, while Twink goes to sleep in his bed and saves by looking through a window.

There aren't endings as of yet.


Twinky Effects Edit

Name Image Description
Cosmos Effect
Turns Twinky into pure Magic. Doubles her speed.
Rainbow (Arco Iris)
Rainbow Effect
Turns Twinky into a pure rainbow that doubles her speed.
Hammer (Martillo)
Hammer Effect
Twinky holds a hammer. She can use it to kill NPCs.
Energy (Energia)
Energy Effect
An unused effect.
Fairy (Hada)
Fairy Effect
An unused effect.
Tribe (Rhino)
Tribe (Rhino) Effect
An unused effect.
Magician (Maga)
Magician Effect
An unused effect.

Twink Effects Edit

Name Image Description
Ice (Hielo)
Ice Effect
Twink wears a black suit that doubles his speed.
Star (Estrella)
Star Effect
An unused effect.
Zancos An unused effect.
Child (Niño) An unused effect.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Version 0.01 October 30, 2016 DeviantArt Download

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