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Yume Gatari (夢語り)
Title Screen in Version 0.03
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0.04+ (2014/12/21)







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July 24, 2013


NetsukiSprite Netsuki (寝付き)

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Yume Gatari (夢語り) is a Japanese Yume Nikki fanagme made by Mpiku (Pixiv) in Wolf RPG Editor.


You start as Netsuki (寝付き), a boy that refuses to leave his room, travel to his dream world by sleeping on his bed to collect the effects. After you collected all the effects, you can drop the effects in the nexus by pressing 5 just like Yume Nikki. You can save the game by interacting with his desk.

You can also play a mini game called SOUL which can access by interacting with the console. The rule is to control a walking green egg to avoid the enemies and touch the orbs to gain points, each small orb gives 10 points and big orb gives 100 points, the enemies' number will increase when you reached higher points.


  • Arrow Keys - Move.
  • Z, Enter - Interact and select.
  • X, Esc - Open and close the menu.
  • 1 - Effects' special action.
  • 9 - Wake-up.
  • 5 - Drop effects in the nexus.


Name Image Description
Cart (だいしゃ) YgEff01aYgEff01b Netsuki rides a transport cart which makes him go faster, press 1 makes him drop the handle and ride like skate board.
Noodles Cleaver (めんきりぼうちょう) YgEff02 Netsuki holds a noodles knife, it allows him to kill NPCs.
Shiba Inu (しばいぬ) YgEff03 Netsuki has the face and ears of a Shiba Inu dog, press 1 makes him bark.
Lighter (ライター) YgEff04 Netsuki's head turns into lighter, press 1 lights the fire and brighten some dark places.
Emboss (エンボス) YgEff05 Netsuki becomes embossed, press 1 makes the screen emboss.
Earphones (イヤホン) YgEff06 Netsuki wears a pair of earphones, press 1 will make some sound.
Side Tail (サイドテール) YgEff07 Netsuki has a side tail, press 1 makes him wave his side tail.
Stand-up collar (つめえり) YgEff08 Netsuki wears a stand-up collar.
Road Cone (パイロン) YgEff09 Netsuki turns into a walking road cone, press 1 turns him into a raod cone and stealth from chasers.
Shopping Cart (ショッピングカート) YgEff10 Netsuki pushing a shopping cart.
Warewolf (おおかみおとこ) YgEff11 Netsuki turns into a warewolf, press 1 makes him roar.
Index Finger (ひとさしゆび) YgEff12 Netsuki's head turns into a hand, press 1 points his index finger up and brings him back to the nexus.
Nano (ナノ) YgEff13 Netsuki shrunks into a tiny man, press 1 makes him jump.
Hyakunin Isshu (ひゃくにんいっしゅ) YgEff14 Netsuki's head turns into a Hyakunin Isshu card, press 1 shows a poem on the screen.
Baseball Cap (やきゅうぼう) YgEff15 Netsuki wears a baseball cap, press 1 turns the cap to the front.
Japanese Clothing (わそう) YgEff16 Netsuki wears a Japanese clothing.
Fleshy Meat (にくかい) YgEff17 Netsuki turns into a flashy meat.
Red Spider Lily (まんじゅしゃげ) YgEff18 Netsuki's head turns into a Red Spider Lily.
Stopwatch (ストップウォッチ) YgEff19 Netsuki turns into a stopwatch, press 1 freezes the NPCs' movement.
Mosaic (モザイク) YgEff20 Netsuki's body is cencored by mosaic.
Chromatic (さいど) YgEff21 Netsuki becomes chromatic, press 1 makes the screen color change.
Gauss (ガウス) YgEff22 Netsuki's body becomes gaussian blur.
Long Hair (ちょうはつ) YgEff23 Netsuki has a little pony tail.
Invisible (とうか) YgEff24 Netsuki becomes a hollow man.


Name Image Description
Neoki (寝起き) GatariNeoki A girl who lives in a room in Monochrome World.

Download / External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.04+ December 21, 2014 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.04 July 21, 2014 Japanese
Ver.0.03 November 30, 2013 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.02 August 19, 2013 Pixiv Deleted
Ver.0.01 August 5, 2013 Pixiv Deleted
Ver.0.00 July 24, 2013 Pixiv Deleted

Gameplay VideoEdit

Yume Nikki fangames- Yume Gatari

Yume Nikki fangames- Yume Gatari