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Yume Kayoi (夢通い)
Yume Kayoi ver.0.00's title screen
Latest Version

0.00 (2015/12/19)


Humiha (ふみは)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

December 19, 2015


Yksprite Kotozuki, Satotsuki

Nexus Doors

Kotozuki - 3
Satotsuki - 3


Kotozuki - 6
Satotsuki - 6


Kotozuki - N/A
Satotsuki - N/A


Yume Kayoi (夢通い) is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame created by Humiha (ふみは), the creator of Tsukumono Yume (つくものゆめ) and the cocreator of Yume wa Maeyono (ゆめはまえよの).


The player can play as two girls named Kotozuki (言付き) and Satotsuki (里付き), who stay in different apartments and can't leave their room. You can switch between the protagonists by interacting with the big doll in the room. Interacting with the notebook on the desk allows you to save the game.

They can enter their dream world by sleeping on their bed. Exiting the door in their dream room will bring them to their nexus, an apartment hallway with doors that connect to several worlds. The main task is to collect effects.


Kotozuki's EffectsEdit

Name Image Description
Roller Shoes (ローラーシューズ) KotoEff01 Kotozuki wears a pair of roller shoes that increases her speed.
Railroad Crossing (ふみきり) KotoEff02aKotoEff02b Kotozuki's right arm turns into an auto barrier. Press Shift makes her eyes turn red and raise up the barrier which stops NPC movement.
Board (いた) KotoEff03 Kotozuki turns into a flat board with a hollow face.
White (しろ) KotoEff04 Kotozuki's face becomes white in color. Press Shift makes her skin turns black and brings her back to the nexus.
Neck Warmer (ネックウォーマー) KotoEff05aKotoEff05b Kotozuki wears a neck warmer and it starts snowing. Pressing Shift has her zip up her jacket.
Ice Pick (アイスピック) KotoEff06 Kotozuki holds an ice pick as her weapon, allowing her to kill NPCs.

Satotsuki's EffectsEdit

Name Image Description
Fairy (ようせい) SatoEff01 Satotsuki grows a pair of fairy wings that increases her speed. Press Shift causes her to swing her wings.
Tablecloth (テーブルクロス) SatoEff02 Satotsuki covers her body with a tablecloth. Press Shift makes her to cover her whole body and teleports her back to the nexus.
Present (プレゼント) SatoEff03aSatoEff03b Satotsuki gets into a big pink box. Press Shift closes the box and hides her from chasers.
Lamp (ランプ) SatoEff04 Satotsuki's head turns into a lamp that brightens up  dark places. Press Shift lets her switch the light on or off.
Hair Arrange (ヘアアレンジ) SatoEff05aSatoEff05b Satotsuki has a ponytail hairstyle. Press Shift changes her hairstyle.
Sloppy (ぐちゃぐちゃ) SatoEff06 Satotsuki's appearance becomes sloppy and her speed lowers.

Download / External LinkEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.00 December 19, 2015 Pixiv Japanese

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