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Kotozuki's EffectsEdit

The first playable character. You start out playing as her by default.

Roller ShoesEdit

Enter the Blue Mural World, go north-east until you reach a long mural then go straight east until you reach the white headless mannequin to teleport to the Bloody Mannequin World. Go north-west, take the right path then take the upper path to a land, go north again then take the right path later the bottom path. Interact with the white arms joined together.

You will enter the White Curtain World. Go up between two rows of curtains until you reach a set of torn curtains. Go left until you see a large square that missing a tile in the bottom of it. Go into it and interact with the square in the middle. Go up and interact with the disembodied feet.

Railroad CrossingEdit

Enter the Railroad Track World. Go right until the bottom of a sign is visible near the middle of your screen, then go straight down. Interact with the auto barrier circled by railroad tracks.


Enter the Blue Mural World. Go south-east and look for two tall blue statues. Between them should be a small blue cut-out board. Interact with it.


Enter the Blue Mural World, go north-east until you reach a long mural then go straight east until you reach the white headless mannequin to teleport to the Bloody Mannequin World.

Go to south west, enter the path then take the path going north to another land. Go up the path behind the bloody mannequin and interact with the top tile (where the limbless mannequin is).

Neck WarmerEdit

Enter the Blue Mural World. Go south-east to where the Board effect is. Go north from where the cutout-board is until you see a green sculpture near some blue statues. Interact with the sculpture. Go left and interact with the red sculpture. This will teleport you to a rooftop. Go up the north path and step on the grey tile.

Step on the following grey tiles: bottom right, bottom-most right, top right. Interact with the NPC on the roof.

Ice PickEdit

Enter the Railroad Track World. Go right until you see the bottom of a sign near the top of your screen. Go up to it and then go right past it. Go up a bit when you see a another sign and go right again. You should see a railroad track with what looks like blood underneath it. Step on that track. Go right. Navigate your way through the maze and interact with the blue stone (avoid the chasers).

This should bring you to Stone Hand World. Go directly north from where you enter until you see a set of fingers reaching out of the ground. Go right past that. Interact with the icepick between the two hands pointing to each other. Kill the NPC's surrounding Satotsuki to get the effect.

Satotsuki's EffectsEdit

The second playable character. You can switch to playing as Satotsuki by interacting with the large doll in Kotozuki's room.


Enter the Forest World. Go right as far as you can (don't take any of the paths going up/down).
Go down when you can't go right anymore and take the second path going right. Take the first path going down and go between the two leafless trees. Interact with the pond where the fairy is to get the effect.


Follow the guide for the Hair Arrange effect to reach the Frame World. From where you enter, go straight down until you walk into a row of frames. Go right to the last one then go down until you reach a single frame with green ribbon on it. Go right again and reach another row of frames. The one in the middle should be ribbonless and have a door on it. Enter the door. This will bring you to the Dollhouse, enter the door to your left. Enter the door in the top-left corner of the room you enter. Go straight down and interact with the cloth on the big table.


Enter the Snow World. Go right until you reach a small rectangular patch of bricks. Go down past two snowhouses. Enter the snowhouse that has two snowmen in front of it. Interact with the presents on the ground.


Enter the Snow World. Go north-east from the door and enter the snowhouse that has one snowman to the left of it. Interact with the giant orange flower inside. From where you teleport, go directly north until there is a single orange flower to the left of you. Go right until you walk past a flower surrounded by several gems. Go slightly down from there and keep going right. You should see a lamp. Interact with it.

Hair ArrangeEdit

Enter the Cloud World. Go down from the door until you see a small puddle to your left. Go left past the puddles until you see two frames, one with green ribbon on it, the othe

normal vs. effect

r orange. Interact with the gap between them to reach the Frame World. Go north from where you spawn and go between two rows of frames. Go directly left from these rows of frames and interact with the large pair of scissors.


Enter the Cloud World. Go north until you walk underneath large cloud. Go right from the cloud until you see a drooping pink flower. Interact with it to reach the Hanging Pink Doll World. Go right from where you spawn until you see a pink doll being hanged by a smiling pink balloon. Go down and you should see a circular pool of a water with a cross-shaped path coming up from the bottom of it. Head down and walk to the top of that cross-shaped path (avoid the chaser).

(You can also reach the Hanging Pink Doll World by following the guide for the Tablecloth effect to reach the Dollhouse and entering the second door to the right. Going right from the door will bring you to the two flowers that teleport you to the Cloud World and back).

This will take you to the Pink Train. Enter the cabin. Interact with the table, leave and enter again. Interact with what looks like a photo that is now on the table. An image will pop up on the screen. Press Z and the train will change drastically and start moving. Wait for the train to stop moving and leave when the doors open. Go straight up and interact with the disembodied head.

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