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Yume Nikki 3d
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0.02.1+DLC "Isolated" (2014/10/14)






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September 18, 2013


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Yume Nikki 3d is a 3-dimensional fangame/spin-off starring Madotsuki herself. Unlike previous attempts to bring Yume Nikki to a 3D environment, it is not a replica of the game. It holds a bit of elements from the original game (such as Uboa event and Masada), along with new elements/worlds.


Madotsuki moves by use of WASD keys and can jump by pressing space, activate effects with shift and use objects with E.

The objective in v 0.02 is to collect six effects and three keys, which are hidden throughout the dreamworld, to unlock the exit. 


The plot is essentially the same as the original Yume Nikki, in that there is none.  The plot is interpreted by the player and your main task is to explore the dream world and find effects.


Name Image Description
Bicycle 3Deff1 Madotsuki rides a bike. Makes her go faster. Bike bell rings when you press shift.

From the original Bicycle Effect.

Monochrome 3Deff4 Modotsuki becomes monochrome. Return to where you received the effect when you press Shift.
8 bit 3Deff5 Madotsuki gets an 8-bit look, she also makes 8-bit type sounds when moving and jumping. She also makes a sound when you press Shift.
Blindfold 3Deff3

Madotsuki wears a blindfold. The screen turns black and you won't be able to see anything until you un-equip the effect.

This effect was never implemented in the original game, but the sprite for the effect is still in the game files.

Palette 3deff6 A palette floats above Madotsuki's head. Pressing Shift changes colours of certain items in the dream world.
Knife 3Deff2 Madotsuki wields a knife. Used to kill NPC's by pressing Shift. This effect is needed to get past the blocked door in the piano world, and is the only way to get to the Palette effect.

From the original Knife effect.

"Isolated" DLCEdit

With a slight version 0.02 update came a DLC. It is a side game that seems to take place as Madotsuki is falling, dying or has already died. It is another exploration game with all new worlds and music.


Effects serve the same purpose as the main game and use the same sprites.

  • Knife
  • Bicycle


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.02.1+DLC "Isolated" October 14, 2014 Gamejolt Download

Gameplay VideoEdit

Yume Nikki 3d v 0

Yume Nikki 3d v 0.02 gameplay video