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Yume-Wo. (夢を。)
Yume-Wo.'s Title Screen
Latest Version

0.08 (2011/11/23)






RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

August 31, 2010


NagatsukiSprite Nagatsuki (永付き)

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Yume Wo. (夢を。) (lit. "Into A Dream.") is a Yume Nikki Fangame by SDS and RAHU. Like other fangames, it is exploration and discovery based. The game stars Nagatsuki (永付き), a boy who is a shut in.

Yume Wo. was once remade into the 0.08 most people know the game for.

The game was unavailable for public distribution for a while. The public release of the game was restored by other fans with permission of the creators. Version 0.08 is confirmed as the final version and will have no further update.


Yume Wo is a very traditional fangame, which shares a lot with Yume Nikki. The main objective is exploration and collecting effects in order to trigger two different endings. It features vending machines that sell useless "lives", a variety of recurring characters, dark and obscure locations and unusually fast chasers. There is a debug room which can be entered from the reality room by interacting with the wall to the left of the door.

Yume Wo also has 5 menu styles to choose from. They all are in similar shades of dark teal to bright aqua. Just like in Yume Nikki, a chaser behind a reception desk (found in several locations in the dream) is responsible for changing them, though the theme names aren't shown anywhere in the game, except for when changing them in the debug room.

These are the names of all of the five existing menu types:

  • Menu Type "Normal" - The default menu skin. A teal frame with lighter short stripes.
  • Menu Type "Cube" - Dark teal square dots frame on a black background.
  • Menu Type "Explanation" - Bright cyan frame with a white stripe in the middle and dots in the corners.
  • Menu Type "Plant" - Dark teal dots and 「」-like symbols frame on a black background with flowers in the corners and vines.
  • Menu Type "Simple" - Looks almost like "Cube". Small dark teal dots frame on a black background.


You take the role of Nagatsuki, a boy who prefers not to leave his room or simply cannot do it. The only thing left for him to do is dream.

In Nagatsuki's dreams there is a school with many male students that are taller than him. Normally they will do you no harm. If you try to use your weapon effect on one of them, all of those students will turn into aggressive, fast moving chasers that will trap you in a sectioned-off area. Once you try to harm one of them, they will stay like that no matter how many times you wake up and enter the dream world again.


Name Image Description

Kickboard (キックボード)

YWoEff18 Nagatsuki rides a kickboard/kick scooter that doubles his speed.
Rope / Outline (ロープ) YWoEff01 Nagatsuki becomes a white outline of himself made of rope. Pressing SHIFT makes him slightly transparent and invisible but not invulnerable to chasers.
Vegetable Knife / Nagiri Bouchou (なぎりぼうちょう) YWoEff04 Nagatsuki uses a Nakiri bōchō as his weapon. Most characters run away from you when this effect is equipped. Pressing Shift makes Nagatsuki to swing his knife.
Ball (ボル) YWoEff05 Nagatsuki becomes a blue ball.
Tiger (トラ) YWoEff11 Nagatsuki grows tiger ears and tail. Pressing Shift causes him to scratch his ear like a cat and lower his head, some characters will be drawn away from you.
Military Uniform (ぐんぷく) YWoEff09 Nagasuki is dressed like a soldier. It has no special action, but some NPC's will react to this effect.
Tsumehagi (つめはぎ) YWoEff15 Nagatsuki's fingernails and toenails appear to be peeled off. He's barefoot, with bleeding palms and feet and his eyes are hidden. Tsumehagi is a kind of torture where they tear somebody's nails off. Your movement slows down when it's equipped.
Guitar (ギター) YWoEff08 Nagatsuki plays an electronic guitar. Press Shift to play a relatively wide variety of cool tunes.
Mini Light Bulb (まめでんきゅう) YWoEff10 Nagatsuki's head becomes a miniature light bulb. Pressing Shift turns it on/off.
Amefurikozou (あめふりこぞう) YWoEff14 Nagatsuki becomes a Amefurikozou, a type of youkai which looks like a boy under an umbrella. Pressing Shift makes it rain, pressing it again alters the amount of rain.
Shinto Priest / Kannushi (かんぬし) YWoEff03 Nagatsuki is dressed like a Kannushi, in a dark hakama and a white kimono underneath.
Salaryman (サラリーマン) YWoEff13 Nagatsuki wears a white-collar worker's clothes, a green-grey suit with a matching hat.
Stylish (おしゃれ) YWoEff06 Nagatsuki's hair has a different color and style and he wears a fashionable dark jacket and shoes and deep blue jeans.
Midget / Koropokkuru (コロポックル) YWoEff17 Nagatsuki becomes tiny. Koropokkuru are a Japanese mythical race of small people.
School Uniform (せいふく) YWoEff19 Nagatsuki wears the school uniform of this game's chasers. While it is equipped, chasers will not chase you. They still move fast and will teleport you to a sectioned-off area if you bump into them.
One Leg (いっぽんあし) YWoEff16 Nagatsuki has only one leg. Pressing Shift makes him kneel down and return to the nexus.
Cold Colors (コールドカラー) YWoEff12 Nagatsuki gains a bright aqua-green shade and snow will start falling. Unequip the effect to make it stop. Pressing Shift makes the screen flash and toggle the amount of the falling snow.
Skinny (ガリガリ) YWoEff07 Nagatsuki becomes slimmer and taller.
Brown Skin / Tan / Dark Skin (かっしょくはだ) YWoEff02 Nagatsuki is tanned and he wears a sleeveless version of his normal shirt.

Download / External LinksEdit


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.08 November 23, 2011 Version 0.08
Version 0.08 (Mirror)
Ver.0.03 Unknown Version 0.03


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver.0.08 English Translated by HimeNikki.

Gameplay VideoEdit

【実況】 夢を。Part110:42

【実況】 夢を。Part1

Gameplay video of Yume Wo. (v0.07)

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