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Henachoco (へなちょこ)




RPG Maker 2000

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August 3rd, 2011


MukatsukiSprite Mukatsuki (むかつき)

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Yume no Mata Yume (夢のまたゆめ) aka Yume No and Dream of a Dream) is another Yume Nikki fangame, starring Mukatsuki (むかつき). It was produced by Henachoco (へなちょこ), who also created Yume, Shosen Mousou (夢、所詮妄想).


Yume No plays like most fangames, focusing on exploration, but Mukatsuki can actually leave his room. He appears to be in some sort of hospital, and can go into other rooms.

Interestingly enough, when going to the dream world for the first time (through his bed), the Hero's Gun (ひーろーのじゅう), (or rather the Pistol (ぴすとる) in the dream world) is obtained at the very start.


Not much is known about Yume No so far since it is only a 0.00 release. The main character appears to be a patient in a hospital, and there are other characters in the real world.

However, they are unresponsive towards Mukatsuki. A few of these characters also appear in Mukatsuki's dreams. Three endings were planned, but only one is obtainable.

'Warning: Spoilers for the "Normal" Ending of Yume No' (Highlight at your own risk): If you attempt to leave the hospital, it appears Mukatsuki takes a wrong step and falls to his death. This happens without warning.

Items (Effects)Edit

In Yume No Effects are known as Items (アイテム).

Something Unique to Yume No is sometimes the Effect names will change depending on if you are in the real world or dream world.

Name Image Description
Hero's Gun (ひーろーのじゅう)/Pistol (ぴすとる) MukatsukiPistolEff Mukatsuki holds a black gun. Pressing SHIFT makes him shoot it in front of him. Does not kill NPCs.
Stuffed Lion (らいおんのぬいぐるみ)/Lion (らいおん) MukatsukiLionEff Mukatsuki grows lion ears, a lion's mane, and claws.
Hero (ひーろー) MukatsukiHeroEff Mukatsuki wears a pink and white hero's outfit.

Download/External LinksEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Version 0.00 August 3, 2011 ~ Download

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