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Yume wa Maeyono (ゆめはまえよの)
Yume wa Maeyono's Version 0.01 Title Screen
Latest Version

0.02 (2016/4/25)


Sorari (ソラリ)
Humiha (ふみは)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

April 25, 2015


Yorusprite Yoruzuki (よるづき)

Nexus Doors







Yume wa Maeyono (ゆめはまえよの) is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame collaborated by Sorari (ソラリ) and Humiha (ふみは), the creator of Tsukumono Yume (つくものゆめ) and Yume Kayoi (夢通い).


You start as a boy named Yoruzuki (よるづき) that stays in a room and refuses to go out. He can enter the dream world to collect the Effects by sleeping in the bed. Interacting with the music pod will show the music collection.


Name Image Description
American Shorthair (アメショ) YmEff01aYmEff01b Yoruzuki has cat ears and tail, pressing SHIFT turns him into an American Shorthair cat and increases his speed.
Monkfish (アンコウ) YmEff02 Yoruzuki carries a Monkfish's filament that can be used to brighten some dark places.
Muffler (マフラー) YmEff03 Yoruzuki wears a muffler, pressing SHIFT will start or stop the rain.
Earthen Pot (どなべ) YmEff04aYmEff04b Yoruzuki sits in an Earthen Pot. Pressing SHIFT makes him hide in the pot, but is unable to move.
Medicine Bottle (やくびん) YmEff05 Yoruzuki's head turns into a medicine bottle, pressing SHIFT makes the bottle's cork pop up and brings him back to the Nexus.
Senbei (せんべい) YmEff06 Yoruzuki carries a Senbei.
Candy Balls (てまりあめ) YmEff07 Yoruzuki carries Japanese Candy Balls, pressing SHIFT makes him drop at most 4 candy balls.
Azure Dragon (せいりゅう) YmEff08 Yoruzuki has dragon horn and tail, equipping the effect will stop the chaser's movement.
Mononoke (もののけ) YmEff09 Yoruzuki has single eye and a pair of black wings, pressing SHIFT makes him to blink the single eye and swing the wings.
Normal (ふつう) YmEff10 Yoruzuki's hair color becomes black.
Ice (こおり) YmEff11 Yoruzuki's head turns into ice, pressing SHIFT will start or stop the snow.
Uniform (せいふく) YmEff12 Yoruzuki wears a green school uniform and has shorter hair.
Youko (ようこ) YmEff13 Yoruzuki becomes Youko, a Japanese fox demon, interacting with the NPCs will cause him to kill them with fire.
Girl (おんなのこ) YmEff14 Yoruzuki becomes a girl.
Kimono (きもの) YmEff15 Yoruzuki wears a light-blue Kimono.
Parka (パーカー) YmEff16 Yoruzuki wears a parka.

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Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.02 April 25, 2016 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.01 August 20, 2015 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.00 April 25, 2015 Pixiv Japanese