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yuque's Version 0.02.0 Title Screen
Latest Version

0.02.3 (2017/03/20)






RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

May 6, 2015


Nire02 Nire (にれ)

Nexus Doors



(Buffers) 15




yuque is a Japanese Yume Nikki Fangame created by 794810 (Twitter) in RPG Maker 2000.


Yuque is a traditional fangame. Sleeping in the bed lets you enter the dream world. From there, you can explore various worlds and collect effects (referred to as Buffers). You can interact with the laptop on the desk to save the game.


You start as a girl named Nire (にれ) who wears headphones and doesn't want to go out of her room. Once she's in the dream world she will not wear her headphones. Not much is currently known about the plot.

Buffers / バァファー (Effects)Edit

Name Image Description
Go-Kart (ゴーカート) YqEff01 Nire drives a Go-Kart, pressing SHIFT makes her honk the horn. This effect increases Nire's speed.
Cloud (あまぐも) YqEff02 Nire sits on a cloud, pressing SHIFT causes rain to fall.
Helmet (ヘルメット) YqEff03 Nire wears a light helmet that lights up some dark places, pressing SHIFT makes her shut the light off.
Pianica (けんばんハモニカ) YqEff04 Nire carries a Pianica, pressing SHIFT makes her play it.
Folding Chair (パイプいす) YqEff05aYqEff05b Nire carries a folding chair as her weapon, pressing SHIFT makes her sit on the chair. Pressing Z allows you to hit NPCs.
Karakasa (からかさ) YqEff06 Nire becomes a Japanese umbrella monster (Karakasa-obake), pressing SHIFT brings her back to the Nexus.
Summer Clothes (なつふく) YqEff07aYqEff07b Nire wears summer clothes, pressing SHIFT ties her hair into twintails.
Ninja (にんじゃ) YqEff08 Nire wears a ninja outfit, pressing SHIFT makes her invisible and stealthy from chasers.
Bucket (バケツ) YqEff09 Nire wears a bucket on her head, pressing SHIFT makes her put on the bucket and turns the screen dark.
White Bear (しろくま) YqEff10YqEff10b Nire wears a white bear outfit, pressing SHIFT makes her howl and causes the NPCs to avoid her. There's a random chance of the outfit being brown instead of white when equipping the effect.
Afro Hair (アフロヘアー) YqEff11aYqEff11b Nire has an Afro hairstyle, pressing SHIFT turns her into an African-American girl.
Station Staff (えきいん) YqEff12 Nire wears a station staff uniform, pressing SHIFT makes her rise a red or green flag to freeze or return the NPC's movement.
Ashes (はい) YqEff13 Nire's body becomes ashes, pressing SHIFT causes ashes to fall from the screen and decreases Nire's ashy body until she becomes a pile of ashes and cannot move.
Brunette (ブルネット) YqEff14 Nire's hair becomes dark brown.
Illumination (でんしょく) YqEff15 Nire's body becomes neon-colored, pressing SHIFT changes the screen color.

Download / External LinksEdit


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.0.02.3 March 20, 2017 Pixiv Japanese
Ver.0.02.2 February 9, 2017 ~ Deleted
Ver.0.02.x Bugfix
Ver.0.02.1 February 5, 2017 ~ Deleted
Ver.0.02.0 February 4, 2017 ~ Deleted
Ver.0.012 January 10, 2016 Pixiv Deleted
Ver.0.01 December 29, 2015 ~ Deleted
Ver.0.00 May 6, 2015 Pixiv Deleted


Version Announcement Download Note
Ver.0.02.3 English Translated by Mike309 ULTIMATE.

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